Small inflatables are popular

More and more people buy a small bouncy castle from JB Inflatables. And that's smart! Because no matter how modest a party is, a small bouncy castle for the smallest guests will undoubtedly increase the party atmosphere. Whether it's a birthday, garden, children's, theme or neighbourhood party or because you 'just' want to celebrate life, a small bouncy castle from JB Inflatables always fits everywhere!

Klein springkussens worden steeds populairder

A mini bouncy castle brings extra party fun

Many children only want two things at a party:

  • To be able to go crazy
  • For their parents to interfere with them as little as possible.

Therefore, it is also essential for adults that the children enjoy themselves and that they can enjoy the fun party atmosphere themselves. A mini bouncy castle certainly helps and brings extra party fun for young and old.


Buy a small bouncy castle for the (late) summer

Are you also having a party this (late) summer, and would you like to buy a mini bouncy castle? Certainly do! You will see how much fun you bring the youngest guests. And no matter how small your garden is, a small bouncy castle always fits.

With a mini bouncy castle, you score with the youngest guests

With this Seaworld inflatable, you will certainly score points with your youngest guests. Our Mini Seaworld with slides guarantees hours of fun. The bouncy castle is already a party in itself, and then it also has such a cool slide! Is the theme of your party 'underwater world', or does your child love fishing? You're in the right place with this mini bouncy castle.

Buy a mini bouncy castle with a great theme

How cool is this mini bouncy castle?! Children go wild on our inflatable Mini Bounce Lion. They can not only jump on this but also tackle the obstacles on the jumping surface and, of course, slide down the slide. This bouncy castle appeals to the imagination and is, therefore, a great success with young and old. Are you throwing a jungle party, or is your child a Freek Vonk fan? Then this tiny bouncy castle is a top choice.

A small bouncy castle for the smallest guests certainly increases the party atmosphere!

A small bouncy castle makes for a big party

Can it be even more festive? Yes: with our Jumpy Extra Fun Party! All guests, small and large, immediately get into a party mood from this cheerfully decorated bouncy castle. You can jump on it and whiz down the slide. With our Jumpy Extra Fun Party, you only need entertainment. And thanks to the party theme, this small inflatable is perfect for any birthday party or children's party.