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Hey! Climb on the bull (or one of the other rodeos) and stay seated as long as possible. That's not easy because four other players are doing their best to get you off that bull. They pull the rope from all sides. In the meantime, you try to control the mad bull, but oops! There you go. Fortunately, the air cushion breaks your fall. Or do you, like a real cowboy, keep the bull under control? Try it! This inflatable rodeo game is available in different versions. First, there is the bull, but a horse, shark, pirate ship, or tractor will make it challenging for you to stay put. This game is ideal for village parties, bachelor parties, or cosy neighbourhood barbecues. Tip: You can turn on the timer to add an extra competition element.

Buy a rodeo bull at JB Inflatables.

Order an inflatable pull rodeo, and you will surely get a fantastic game for groups. The popular activities 'mechanical bull' and 'tug of war' have been merged into this inflatable attraction: the inflatable pulls rodeo. This tug-of-war game is suitable for all celebrations and parties, from inflatable soccer shoes to tractors and from inflatable elephants to sharks. There is something for everyone. The inflatable rodeo offers guaranteed entertainment.

An inflatable activity for groups

Are you looking for a suitable inflatable game for groups? Buy one of JB's rodeo games; you won't regret it. This inflatable tug-of-war game is ideal for children and adults. Place the birthday boy or bachelor on the inflatable bull, and off you go! Because of the tug of war between the players, the rodeo bull player feels like a real cowboy. The inflatable air cushion catches the cowboy if they fall. A safe, cosy, and enjoyable activity for groups!

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Do you have an excellent idea for an inflatable? How nice! The JB Inflatables team is ready to help you so that you can put together your own game. Do you prefer an inflatable rodeo with a different theme? Or would you like an inflatable tug-of-war with more options? You can pass on your ideas by phone or email. If you go to JB Promotions via the JB Inflatables website, you will see several examples of customized inflatables. When you click on a heart next to an inflatable you like, you can pass it on via a contact request on the JB Inflatables site. As a manufacturer of inflatables, we check whether your idea can be made and ensure that you buy and get exactly what you have in mind. Your own inflatable game, how cool is that?!

It is possible to request attractions and games with logos or completely own games

A unique custom inflatable game!

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