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A foam fall mat can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can place several copies of this shock-absorbing mat around your bouncy castle so that you can be sure that no one gets hurt. When using an inflatable on a hard surface, it is even mandatory to use shock-absorbing mats. That is why you will find a wide choice of foam rubber fall mats with us. They come in different sizes and they have velcro strips. You can easily connect them. This way you can quickly create a large surface.


This is how you place the landing mats around your inflatable attraction

Of course, you want to do everything possible to prevent accidents around an inflatable. It is therefore a good idea to buy a landing mat. When you buy a mat at JB Inflatables, it is good to know exactly how many foam fall mats you need and how you can best place these mats. Click on the PDF file below to see how to place a foam fall mat next to your inflatable. Of course, you can always contact the JB Inflatables team for advice on the number of mats you need.

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