We care about our clients and their inflatables, that is why we offer our best in-house service. We guarantee the quality and best case approach..


The best service for the best clients. That is why we provide our service from the UK, among other places. With our UK partner ScotBounce in Glasgow, we can deliver your products on time, provide PIPA testing, repair or any other service you require!

  1. Our Partner

    Scotbounce Ltd is an inflatables inspection (PIPA) and repair company with a mobile department, located in the Glasgow area covering the whole of Scotland and North of England. They have evolved over 20 years ago from a Glasgow bouncy castle hire to becoming one of the leading repair companies in the UK, due to their friendly, efficient, and convenient service.

  2. PIPA Tested

    Our UK partner Scot Bounce, provides a first class Testing Service s accredited RPII testers they can carry out an independent safety test, as well as a PIPA test and issue test certificates. You can count on our registered PIPA inspector to ensure the quality and safety of your inflatable!

  3. Our Service

    Service is arranged by our UK partner Scot Bounce in Glasgow, the leading Inflatable Testing and Repair provider in the UK. Vast experience in inflatables reparation and alterations to meet the required safety standards, with professional capacity to complete the job on site.  Please note: stairs and nets are not covered by the warranty.

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