The Sup range from JB Inflatables offers endless possibilities. Choose your course and make supping even more challenging and fun. Our SUP articles guarantee hours of water fun.

Everything is custom-made. A complete course in your house style? No problem!


The biggest benefits at a glance

Buying a JB Sub is always a good idea. Just to name a few benefits:

  1. Endless flexibility

    The combinable obstacles offer endless flexibility. This way you can easily choose the composition that perfectly matches your wishes and possibilities.

  2. Easy to build

    Our SUP range is easy to build. In addition, all products are airtight. That means you only have to provide them with air once!

  3. Guaranteed Top Quality

    Our professionals only work with the best materials and love their profession. This is how we guarantee top quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our Sub range? About the purchase, the possibilities, our service, whatever? We certainly have the answer. Maybe your question is among our frequently asked questions. Otherwise, we will of course be happy to answer you personally.

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How long does it take to build up my Sub course?

The construction time of course depends on the size and amount of elements. On average it takes 10 minutes to blow up 1 part.

How can I anchor the course?

There are several anchor points on the course components. This allows you to secure the parts using ropes. Anchors can also be used.

Is a continuous blower required to keep the elements energized?

The elements are airtight. This means that they are high-frequency sealed. As a result, they only need to be inflated once. When the elements are full, they provide days of fun without the need for a blower.

How do I know if an element has the correct pressure?

JB Inflatables supplies a pressure gauge as standard. This way you can easily measure the prescribed pressure.

How can I drain the element after use?

JB Inflatables supplies a blower as standard, with which you can both inflate and deflate the element. By attaching the hose to the other end of the pump, you can quickly and easily remove the air from the element and roll it up again into a package.

What is the warranty period?

We provide 1-year warranty and service maintenance on the elements. If you unexpectedly have a problem, our in-house service department will of course solve it for you.

Can I devise my course and/or buy a course in my style?

You can. You can buy a Sub course in any colour you want. Our in-house design and production department can produce customized SUP products within a few weeks, based on your wishes.