Patent pending number 2025103 – Inflatable foam generator 

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Do you remember them? Those foam parties of the past? With the newest line of JB you can now organize your own foam party! Dancing in an inflatable disco or playing inside a cool fire truck full of foam: a little water, the right amount of JB Bubble liquid and the internal foam machine will make it possible. In no time you create a party with bubbles!

Limited space available ? Then the Bubble Shooters or Cannons are perfect for you. Just as much foam, just as much fun.

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Why JB Bubbles ?

Buying JB Bubbles from JB Inflatables is always a good idea. To name just a few of the benefits:

  1. Internal foam generator

    The JB Bubbles inflatables are equipped with a unique built-in -patent pending- foam generator. So you don't have to go looking for all kinds of separate supplies and you have everything ready to operate the attraction. Ideal!

  2. Good expansion on range

    A bubble inflatable is sure to be a great addition to your range. So you provide more variety and innovation to your event attraction assortment .

  3. More sensation

    The foam makes makes your inflatable extra fun. Unforgettable party experience guaranteed.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question about our Bubble inflatables? We probably have the answer. Maybe your question is among our frequently asked questions. If not, we are of course happy to answer it personally.


How does JB Bubbles work?

1. Inflatable set-up

  • Roll out the inflatable
  • Connect the blower
  • Inflate the unit.

2. Prepare the JB Bubble Machine

  • Fill the JB Bubble Machine with water (approx. 70 liters).
  • Then add a package of JB Bubble Fluid . one package of JB Bubble Fluid is just enough for 1 JB Bubble Machine with approx. 70 liters of water.
  • Stir well and move on to the next step. (Attention, first water in the JB Bubble Machine, then the fl uid. If you do this the other way around, the foam will already start to form in the JB Bubble Machine)

3. Attach the JB Bubble Machine to the inflatable

Is the JB Bubble Machine filled with water and the JB Bubble Fluid? Then put the lid on the JB Bubble Machine and connect the hose of the JB Bubble Machine to the hose of the inflatable.

4. Turn on the blower and play!

How do I get the most foam out of a package of JB Bubble fluid?

It is important that you first put the water in the barrel and then the entire package of the fluid. Stir the fluid gently into the water until it is completely dissolved. Then it is important to adjust the regulating belt properly so that the bubbles can develop as well as possible. If the foam head leaks, this is not a problem. The entire inflatable "leaks" air at the seams and if water gets to them, bubbles will appear.

I have an idea for an inflatable myself, can you manufacture it?

Great! We like to think along with you. Our design team can design a personalized inflatable with the knowledge of the inflatable and the foam installation.

Is the foam harmful?

Like any soap concentrate, JB Bubble Fluid is harmful if you ingest large amounts. With normal use of the product, this is not an issue. As with regular soap, JB Bubble fluid can also cause stinging eyes. Dry the eyes with a towel or rinse with water. If users have sensitive skin, it is wise to avoid contact with the foam. After use, rinsing with water is recommended.

We recommend playing in the foam in bathing suits or old clothes. At a normal dose, the liquid will not affect clothing and any traces will always be washable.

Can you also use ordinary soap instead of JB Bubble fluid?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Regular soaps will provide no to only a little bubbles.

What are the inflatables made of?

Bubbles products use a special lightweight PVC material, which is very tear-resistant. This allows you to easily set up your inflatable, and quickly clean and pack it after use.

The water pump of my inflatable is not working properly, what can I do?

If the water pump works but little foam comes out, this can have a number of causes. Watch this video to see how the pump is connected.

  • Is the power supply for the water pump connected to 220 volts?
  • Is there enough water and/or foam in the barrel?
  • Does the water pump stand or float upright?
  • Is there a kink in the water line?
  • Does the nozzle spray straight into the foam net?
  • Is the nozzle clean?

It could also be that the pump was pumping for a while with insufficient amount of water. After a while the pump will get too hot and stop because of the heat protection. After about 30 minutes it will start pumping again by itself. You do need to turn the pump off for a while to cool down.

Do I need to anchor my inflatable?

It is wise to do so. If it is windy, not securing the unit can lead to dangerous situations. Make sure your inflatable is out of the wind. The foam is very light and is moved by the wind. Incidentally, this does not affect the grass.

Does it come with a certificate?

The inflatables of JB Bubbles do not need a NEN-EN 14960 certificate, unless otherwise indicated. They do not fall under playground equipment or bouncy castles, because this is only a boarding/foam cannon.

What is the warranty period?

We use - as with most other inflatables - a warranty period of 5 years. On the blower and Bubble pump there is a 2 year warranty. When the inflatable has suffered damage during use or transport, our service team is ready to help.

Why choose JB Bubbles?

Buying a Bubble product from JB is just a great idea as it is sure to be a great addition to your assortment because it’s fun, innovative, very user friendly and very easy to clean. When you buy a Bubble Park, Shooter or Canon you also get a blower and JB fluid. This way you have the complete package and are ready to operate.