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Buying Inflatable Water Slides

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Water slides; perhaps the most classic attraction for young and old! JB Inflatables has the most beautiful inflatable water slides in their range. They are spectacular, easy to use, and provide entertainment.

Thinking about buying a large inflatable water slide at JB? Then you are guaranteed a spectacle for every party.

Water fun for every age with the colorful inflatable water slides from JB Inflatables

At JB Inflatables, we know that water fun knows no age limits. Our uk inflatable water slides are designed to safely entertain the youngest, while older adventurers can enjoy challenging water slides. Want an inflatable slide without water? That's also possible at JB!

Only bright colors make a water slide from JB Inflatables attractive for both young children and adults. For the little ones, there are splash inflatable water slides in colorful themes with great details, making each water slide tell a unique story. Discover, for example, the Hawaii water slide, High Voltage water slide, or go for double fun with the double water slide! Are the kids a bit older? There are also numerous options for very fun big inflatable water slides for them, such as the Monster Slide or Slip 'n Slide water slide.

Order a custom-made inflatable water slide

Do you want to buy an large inflatable water slide but haven't found the perfect one yet? Contact and tell JB Inflatables your wishes. We note your preferences and create a new design for you without obligation. If the design is perfect, the inflatable water slide uk is specially made for you and delivered to the destination.

Professional inflatable water slides with a 2-year warranty

What is your favorite water slide? A Hawaii splash inflatable water slide for the little ones? Or a monstrous water slide for older users? Regardless of the model and color combination, all JB Inflatables products are of the highest quality. That's why JB Inflatables offers a 2-year warranty for every big inflatable water slide. And if something unexpected goes wrong, our service team is ready for you. In addition to this warranty, the inflatable water slides are delivered complete with:

  • Logbook/manual
  • Repair kit
  • Certificate
  • Anchoring material
  • Blower(s)
  • Transport bag

Enter the world of splashing moments and unforgettable fun with JB Inflatables' inflatable water slides. Turn every occasion into a splash event and let the magic of water fun connect young and old. Made your choice? Order a water slide from JB Inflatables, you won't regret it!

It is possible to request attractions and games with logos or completely own games

A unique custom inflatable game!

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