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Interactive Games

Shooting, playing soccer, jumping or competing in agility: make these activities more fun with our Interactive playsystem. Enjoy fun games and see who will come to be an ultimate winner.
The system works is an amazing add on to indoor playparks, attractions, you name it! Because the system is hit sensitive, it is also possible to use the game in several sports like soccer, football, basketball, bow and arrow and with nerf guns. In short: the possibilities with the IPS set HIT edition are endless!

Interactive games

Get active, because our games are now interactive! The long awaited interactive playsystem offers 3 different game-modes: Light Hunter, Steal the Light and Back to Base. Besides the games, this unique system offers many cool options such as: sound effects and much more.

The overall best part about this system is that you are able to transfom ANY existing bouncy castle or inflatable game into an amazing, interactive experience! 

Custom made

There is not one idea, doesn’t matter how crazy it is, that JB cannot bring into existence. We have enough examples to prove this. Our flexibility comes from customization.

More about customization