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Part 2 of the Q&A about the future of Disco Domes

Disco 5,5m Grown-ups

Part 2 of the Q&A about the future of the Disco Dome:

Q: But from a product point of view, what will tomorrow’s disco dome will look like?
A: Because it was a totally new product at the time we invented it, nobody had any experience with it, and we had to learn everything through the user experiences of our clients.
In the near future I sincerely hope that safety institutes as PIPA, HSE, and RPII in the UK will start monitoring disco domes bouncy castles closer, since I really see some manufacturers do strange and dangerous things with disco domes.

My company has recently developed a disco dome 2.0 if you will, based on the experiences we had over the last years with the disco dome bouncy castles.
Many of the improvements we’ve come up with were fueled by safety concerns.
During the Leisure Supplies Show last year (an UK tradeshow that focuses on party rental companies and showmen) we introduced this disco dome 2.0.
In our new disco dome we had changed the electric wiring from 220/230 volts into 12 volts, so it now has the same voltage as a phone charger. This means that there is no hazard of electrocution anymore, not even when the bouncy castle is standing outside in the rain.
I can go on and on about this particular aspect, but I hope that either RPII or PIPA will take a closer look at this because disco domes in the UK tend to get smaller and smaller, meaning that children are sometimes hitting their heads against the 220/230 volts powered disco lights, and it’s just unsafe. You can only imagine what could happen if there would be an electrical problem so close to their heads.

Q: So you use low-voltage wiring in your new disco domes, which makes it a lot safer for the users, is that all you’ve improved?

A: No we did much more, as said we’ve created the disco dome of tomorrow, the disco dome 2.0 if you will, because we don’t follow other but instead we always lead the way in this industry. Therefore we have now build 2 large windows in the walls of the disco dome. The reason that these windows are needed in our opinion is threefold;

1) Because a disco dome typically is black on the inside, in order to display the best possible light effects, it gets really hot inside on a sunny day. This happened not just in Spain or Italy but also in The UK, Holland or Belgium. The added windows are needed because you want to have air circulation in your disco dome, to prevent that it gets extremely hot inside. This is a huge flaw in the design we initially created, but is was copied so by all other manufacturers later on without thinking.

2) Because it’s not all about fun, but it’s also about safety, you want to have the option to supervise the people inside. With the original disco dome that just isn’t possible since there are no windows in it, so anything can happen without parents or supervisors knowing it. Also there was a door/sheet that would cover the entrance, which would seal the dome off completely and you have no way of knowing what goes on inside. Since the disco dome is the first bouncy castle that is also hugely popular with teenagers and adults, believe me that you don’t want to give them the impression that nobody can watch them after they had a couple of drinks, if you know what I mean.

3) Last but not least, there have been some cases lately where children with anxiety issues or epileptic disorders panicked because of the light effects and the dark enclosed surroundings of the traditional disco dome. This was another valid reason for us to make our new disco domes with netted windows, so at least those children can look outside and don’t feel entrapped. For this reason I strongly advice against ever using a strobe light inside a disco dome.

Another adjustment we made was to built a fog machine in the disco dome, which greatly improves the fun and experience in the disco dome. Please note that it’s not a bad idea to do this in a disco dome with no windows, but in our new disco domes it works like a charm and it creates superb effects!

The final improvement we made to the disco dome 2.0 was to add a huge removable coverwrap or ‘wraparound’ to the front of the disco dome. It looks amazing and you can easily change to look or theme of the disco by choosing on of the 8 themes available. It takes just 10-15 minutes to change the wraparound and it totally changes the appearance since the wrap covers the entire front of the disco dome!

Q: Mr. Baks, thank you for this interview; is there anything else you’d like to say in regards to disco domes?
A: It was my pleasure. We’ve just introduced the disco dome bouncy castle in the USA at IAAPA 2 months ago. IAAPA is the largest tradeshow in the world for the leisure- and attractions industry, and we were the only European inflatables company there, showing off our innovative and unique inflatables. People were extremely excited about our products and I expect that the disco dome bouncy castle will become as popular in the USA as it is in Europe, since I’ve experienced there that Americans truly value innovation over anything else!
If anybody wants to learn more about disco dome bouncy castles, we’ve set up a special website were you can find all information about disco domes: