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Questions and Answers Interactive Play System

Interactive bungeerun

The top 3 questions about JB-inflatables’ interactive play system!

First of all let me start with expressing my gratitude to all of our friends, customers and contacts for their feedback and comments. Please understand that even though we hoped for this kind of popularity, the official launchday at EAS has been absolutely crazy yesterday. Thank you all for coming out here or being a part of it online on social media. Unfortunately we might no’t be able to answer all FB and Whatsapp messages individually right now, so my appologies for that. That being said, let me answer the 3 most frequently asked questions here right now:
-Price: the system itselve costs £ 1,395 excl. VAT during the EAS show and LSS show next week! We still have stock, but inventory is moving very very quickly.
-Safety: The system has been fully risk assessed by Peter Grand from TIPE and INPAS (Grand affairs group) and you’ll receive this RA with your order. Existing inflatables can be outfitted with this system and you current EN 14960 certifications still be valid.
-Use: Please read this again, becasue we may have not communicated this clearly enough, you can use this system for ANY inflatable you have or can possibly think of. So no need to buy one of our wonderful new sparkling green/black inflatables (of course you could if you want) but just put them into all of the inflatables you already have! This video shows how to do this in a heartbeat, and we’ll supply anything you need with this system!
Kind regards, Roland Baks, CEO JB inflatables international