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Kiyoh: Lees 74 reviews

Latest Products

This page displays a prime selection of our latest products, created for our clients in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, South-America, the Caribbean and even Africa. We thought you would like them as well, so we made them part of our product range!

Latest Products

Our products are amazing and you can choose from inflatable bouncy castles in the sizes S-XXL, combo’s with slides to mega inflatable slides and a great deal more! Our inflatables are available in all sorts of themes such as jungle, circus, princess, car etc; whatever you please!

Should you prefer your own bespoke bouncy castle or inflatable, just contact us to get a quotation.

We update our range every year, where 20-30 new models are added on a yearly basis in order to help you expand your business and stay current with the kids. Furthermore, by adding new designs to your already amazing product range helps you stand out from your competition. Stay on top of your game with our new products!