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Disco 5,5m Grown-ups
15 January 2016

Part 2 of the Q&A about the future of Disco Domes

Part 2 of the Q&A about the future of the Disco Dome: Q: But from a product point of view, what will tomorrow’s disco dome will look like? A: Because it was a totally new product at the time we invented it, nobody had any experience with it, and we had to learn everything through […]

13 January 2016

JB-inflatables at INPAS 2016

INPAS 2016 JB-inflatables will be exhibiting at INPAS, the oldest inflatables tradeshow in the UK. Make sure to visit our booth in the main area to experience new models, great deals and true innovation. We will also be releasing the much talked about ‘Bouncy Castle Report’ which will be free for all visitors of INPAS. […]

Disco kids party 3,5m
8 January 2016

The future of disco dome bouncy castles, part 1

The future of disco dome bouncy castles, part 1: Today we have arranged a Q&A with Roland Baks, CEO of JB-inflatables and the original inventor of the hugely popular disco dome bouncy castle, to talk about the history and the future of disco domes. Q: How did you come up with the idea of the […]

6 January 2016

5K run, Mudrun, Vikingrun, Color run focus on inflatables

5K’s, Mud runs, Strongman runs, Viking runs and other military inspired runs and event are hot at the moment! With a strong focus on health, fitness, competition and team building these type events have become common in the last 2 years. Relatively new are the more ‘mainstream’ events where a larger audience can participate and not […]

Christmascard JB-Inflatables
18 December 2015

Christmas greetings!

What did we do in 2015? Let’s take you back! 2015 was a year full of tradeshows, starting with the INPAS in January. It was the first time we attended this show and here we introduced our patented bouncy castle with integrated ball canons. The integrated ball canons work with the air pressure of the […]

14 December 2015

The truth about Disney inflatables

Lately there have been some manufacturers and importers who offer inflatables with Disney themes like Frozen, Dora, Spiderman and SpongeBob etc, as well as other brands like Marvel and DC Comics. Of course these themed bouncy castles are attractive to both children and their parents, and they are incredibly popular, especially since Disney seems to […]

7 December 2015

Wayne Rooney shows his bouncy castle on TV

Wayne Rooney is proud to show his JB bouncy castle One of our clients just brought it to our attention that the documentary about Manchester’s Wayne Rooney that aired on BBC ONE in September, will be one again as a rerun next week. In this documentary Manchester United’s football star will talk about his life with […]

29 November 2015

Inflatable 5K race to conquer the UK

The latest trend in 5k runs, mud runs, viking runs and strongman runs seems to be the inflatable 5K run. Early 2015 Mr. Alex Winters, the charismatic TV-host of the BBC show CBeebies, came up with the idea to create Europe’s first inflatable 5K run. His partner and driving force behind the venture, Mr. Alan Brown of the Design Division […]

25 November 2015

JB inflatables brings the disco dome to the USA

The introduction of the disco dome in the USA After the huge succes of the disco dome bouncy castle in Europe, the original inventor JB-inflatables, brings their invention to the USA. During IAAPA 2015 at the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, JB-inflatables had the honor of bringing the disco dome bouncy castle to the […]

Leisure supplies show coventry
26 October 2015

Leisure Supplies Show 2015 in Coventry

Leisure Supplies Show 2015 With great gratitude and joy do we look back at the highly successful Leisure Supplies Show in Coventry earlier this month. The Leisure Supplies Show is currently the UK’s largest trade-show for bouncy castles, inflatables, softplay and mechanical rides. If you are looking to buy cheap a bouncy castle or to […]