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New showroom for Europe’s largest manufacturer of bouncy castles

Bouncy castle showroom

We are thrilled to see our new building coming together nicely. This exclusive building is are 3rd building in a row, making up for about 75% of all available prime space in this industrial area. This will bring our total buildings in Holland to 5, of which 4 contain a huge showroom for bouncy castles and other inflatables. Building a showroom just for bouncy castles sales was a revolutionary idea some 8 years ago, but having build 4 showrooms since then is just crazy!
Once again this is proof of our position as the undisputed market leader in field of the inflatables and bouncy castles. We expect this great building to be ready within the next 4-5 weeks, and you are all invited to come see the future of bouncy castles sales with your own eyes. We strongly recommend anybody to go see other companies concerned with bouncy castle sales first, since only then you can truly value what we’ve created here. There’s absolutely nothing like this in the entire world. Be welcome and be ready to be amazed, you won’t believe it until you’ve seen it!