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Leisure Supplies Show 2015 in Coventry

Leisure supplies show coventry

Leisure Supplies Show 2015

With great gratitude and joy do we look back at the highly successful Leisure Supplies Show in Coventry earlier this month.
The Leisure Supplies Show is currently the UK’s largest trade-show for bouncy castles, inflatables, softplay and mechanical rides. If you are looking to buy cheap a bouncy castle or to find the latest products, the LSS is the place to go.

Kym and Brian did an absolutely amazing job organizing the show and they totally sold out the venue hosting many manufacturers and suppliers of bouncy castles and other games.
JB-inflatables is proud to be the LSS’ main sponsor, together with the Bouncy Castle Network, the company to go to if your bouncy castle company needs a professional SEO friendly website.

For us it was absolutely fantastic to meet all the inflatables enthousiasts at our booth during the show, especially since we’ve only spoken to many of them on the phone before. It was great to meet all these people in person and to see them getting all exited about our innovative inflatables.

In fact the general opinion about JB inflatables was that people were delighted to see some truly new products and innovations at the show, such as our innovative disco domes, patented bouncy castles with ball canons or our spectacular mobile stage.

For us the Leisure supplies show was a great way to connect with clients, friends and other visitors and to show off our new innovations. We value the feedback we’ve received from every single one of you.

Regardless if you’re looking to buy a cheap bouncy castle, find a bargain or if you want to see what’s new in the inflatables business, the Leisure Supplies Show is definitely the place to go!