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JB-Inflatables goes to America!

American Bouncy Castle

We have one more stop before our interactive tour ends for this year. Last, but most certainly not least, we will be attending IAAPA in Orlando, Florida from the 15th of November until the 18th of November! Eventhough the cat is out of the bag, we have got some nice surprises up our sleeve for the show at IAAPA. Join us and be our guest; we would love to tell you more about our ground shaking, interactive innovation!

What is Interactive Playsystems?

Interactive Playsystems, or IPS for short is based on the unique combination of light, sound and games. Interactive spots are wirelessly connected to the scoreboard to enable challenging games between players. IPS is the newest addition to your bouncy castle collection. It is not only suitable for bouncy castles, but inflatable attractions and indoor playgrounds as well! This play system will help you earn more on your bouncy castle hires without any extra effort. Increase your turnover easily and without any hassle!

When you buy an IPS set, you will also receive free professional promotional materials to use on you website. The game system practically hires itself!

What is included in an Interactive PlaySystem Kit?

The mobile set includes 10 spots and a score panel. IPS comes in a standard carrying case, making it ideal for professional hire. IPS comes standard with 10 spots and is expandable up to 20 spots! Select the mounting holders of choice and install it once. After installation, your bouncy castle will still be suitable for normal hire, as well as for hire with IPS!JB-inflatables on tour