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The Interactive Play System changes the inflatables industry

interactive bouncy castle standard

Sensory system for inflatables and leisure industry

The long awaited interactive play system offers 3 different game-modes and some of them seen before in other non inflatable games, such as ‘simon says’, ‘catch the light’ and BATEK.

So there are proven games integrated in this wireless sensory system which means that the public will easily accept the game and many of the additional options it offers.

What is really innovative is the fact that we made it wireless, safe, user friendly, almost unbreakable and mobile, meaning that it is now possible to integrate this into a bouncehouse or other inflatable game!

Besides the obvious sensory ‘hitting’ games it offers much more interactive sensory themes with matching sound effects. This truly brings the bouncehouse into the 21th century, where everything increasingly needs to be interactive these days, even inflatable games.

What is even cooler is that we are able to offer this system at an acceptable pricepoint, costing less than a good quality bouncy castle. Here you’ll find more details and pricing of this revolutionary system: Interactive Play System.

Use an interactive play system in your own inflatables

The overall best part is that with this sensory system you are even able to convert ANY existing bouncehouse or inflatable into an interactive inflatable, which gives an amazing opportunity to upsell it to the (rental)customer (do you want the castle alone for £ 120 or with the Interactive Play System for £ 200?

Also this is a great game to play for teenagers and adults, which we have been playing ourselves for over 8 months at every birthday and party we had. The adults love it even more than the kids, and it’s like an entire work out!

The fact that this game has a massive appeal to teenager and adults as well, mean that your target market is no longer restricted to kids 4-14 years old, but in fact you’ll be catering to the entire population. Just imagine what that simple fact can mean for your bottom line!

What’s included?

It comes with 10 wireless sensors, 10 mounts (to be attached to your existing inflatable) a score display/panel which also includes the touchscreen menu, integrated in a solid case which will act as a table and can be setup next to the inflatable. Both the case with display and the sensors will remain charged for 2-4 days, even if they’re being used the entire time! The sensors work on a 2,4 Ghz frequenscy, so no WIFI or bleutooth is needed. The range of the sensors is 60 ft. under normal circumstances and any console can be extended up to 20 sensors.

The future of inflatables in interactive! Stay ahead of the curve and be among the first to take advantage of the new direction the inflatables’ industry is heading!