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Mega Twister

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Mega Twister

Twister is a classic party game and it now has been mega-sized! This game can be played with 2-6 players. You will need a twister mat, a spinner, a flat suface and flexibility.

How to play:

First of all, find a flat, spacious, well-lit area. Then, unfold the playing mat and remove your shoes. In addition, be sure to wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move around in. Next, choose one person who is the referee and controls the spinner. The referee makes sure that your hand or foot is placed properly on the colored dots. Step on the mat to start the game. The referee now spins the spinner and calls out where the needle lands. For example, “right hand green.” All players now put their right hand on a green dot. The referee continues to call out hand and foor placements until the participating players have all been disqualified. The last person balancing is the winnar!

This game is hilarious and will have you rolling on the ground with laughter.  This game comes complete with spinner board.

For a more balancing challenge, check out our inflatable twister version!


Upon Request

Dimensions : -
Packed size : 0,2 x 0,4 M
Weight : 10 kg
Weight blower : -
Set up time : 1 minute
Install, pack up : 1 person
Capacity : 2-6 persons
: -
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2-6 persons

5 years warranty

Quadruple stitched

Material: PVC 680 g/m2

Flame retardant

EN 14960 Safety norm

Delivery by TNT Express

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* = Subject to prior sale

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