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Interactive playzone

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This challenging Interactive playzone caters to the development of hand-eye coordination, teamwork and allows for positive competitive sportsmanship.

Playzone Inflatable

This inflatable Playzone is amazing for so many reasons, but the most important is that it caters to all ages. This inflatable is fitted with 10 spot holders located in the open area of the Playzone. In the closed ares of the Playzone, the smaller kids can play with their toys.  All things considered, this fun-loving play system will transform the inflatable rental industry. Because of this, there is a possibility for an increase in income and an increase in smiles, laughter and good vibes!

Obviously, this inflatable is a real eye-catcher! Come play with IPSY and have a bouncin’ good time!

Interactive Playsystems

The interactive playsystem comes with many different game options, lighting and sound effect! Furthermore, this system caters to the development of hand-eye coordination and keep your endurance up!

In addition, you can learn more about Interactive Play Systems and the possibilities of the game parts by checking out the History of IPS & the Facts about IPS!

The Interactive Playzone is excluding the interactive playsystem. You can find it here.


Upon Request

Dimensions : 6,0 x 4,0 x 2,4M
Packed size : -
Weight : 100 kg
Weight blower : 15 kg
Set up time : 10 minutes
Install, pack up : 1 persoon
Capacity : 10 persons
: -
JB Service
  • Blower 1,1 kW
  • Transporting bag
  • Manual
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6,0 x 4,0 x 2,4M

10 persons

2 years warranty

Quadruple stitched

Material: PVC 680 g/m2

Flame retardant

EN 14960 Safety norm

Delivery by TNT Express

In stock

* = Subject to prior sale

Upon Request

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