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Cash Machine

Upon Request


Cash Machine

This attraction blows air inward, so that the person inside finds themselves in a whirlwind! The object of the game is that the cabin is filled with (fake) money bills. The competitor in turn needs to grag as much money that they can from the air. Who will score big with the amazing Cash Machine?

This attraction is a nice challenge and perfect for parties, fairs, farmers markets and so many more awesome events!


Upon Request

Dimensions : 2,0m x 2,0m x 3,3 m (LxBxH)
Packed size : 0,8m x 1,2m (DxL)
Weight : 50 kg
Weight blower : 15 kg
Set up time : 10 minutes
Install, pack up : 1 person
Capacity : 1 person
: -
JB Service
  • Blower 1,1 kW (2x)
  • Stakes (6 pieces)
  • Repair kit
  • Transporting bag
  • Manual
  • Safety certificate EN 14960
  • 1 year warranty
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2,0m x 2,0m x 3,3 m (LxBxH)

1 person

5 years warranty

Quadruple stitched

Material: PVC 680 g/m2

Flame retardant

EN 14960 Safety norm

Delivery by TNT Express

In stock

* = Subject to prior sale

Upon Request

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