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Carnival games seaworld

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Carnival games are fun and challenging games, which are played with chance and skill. These infaltables are great for fundraisers, fairs and suitable voor pretty much all parties and events! In addition, these games can be used to raise money by using the “pay per play” theory. For example, each player pays $1 for a round on all 4 games.

Inflatable Games seaworld Theme

Uniquely, the kids play seaworld theme a nice set of 4 games all connected by 1 blower hose! The seaworld theme inflatable is fully equipped with a blower, stakes, repair kit and hours of fun. Equally, this inflatable is unique and beautifully designed. Furthermore, the bright, bold colors will attract kiddos of all ages! Alongside the amazing colors, each backdrop has an amzaing design and are challenging enough for all age groups.

These funky-fun games are available in different themes such as: Carnaval Games, Pirate Games, Seaworld Games and Jungle Games!

Notably, the 4 games include:

  • Bubble Challenge
  • Clownfish Basket
  • Turtle Baseball
  • Big Mouth Shark

Furthermore, the accessories include: mini Baseball bat and a baseball, 5 balls for the big mouth shark, a basketball for Clownfish Basket and balls for the Bubble challenge.

Big Mouth Shark:   Art.
Clownfish Basket:  Art.
Turtle Baseball:     Art.
Bubble Challenge: Art.

Upon Request

Dimensions : 2,5 x 1,3 x 1,7M per piece
Packed size : 1,0 x 1,0m
Weight : 130 kg
Weight blower : 15 kg
Set up time : 10 minutes
Install, pack up : 1 person
Capacity : 4 persons
: -
JB Service
  • Blower 1,1 kW
  • Stakes (6 pieces)
  • Repair kit
  • Transporting bag
  • Manual
  • 5 year warranty
  • 5 year of free repair service
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2,5 x 1,3 x 1,7M per piece

4 persons

2 years warranty

Quadruple stitched

Material: PVC 680 g/m2

Flame retardant

EN 14960 Safety norm

Delivery by TNT Express

In stock

* = Subject to prior sale

Upon Request

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