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Rodeo bull riding

Mechanical Rodeo bull riding

JB-Inflatables has gone country! We sell mechanical bulls and bull riding systems in many different styles and colors. Not only do we have western themes, but underwater, animal and pirate themes as well. Especially for our particular customers, you can pick any shape, theme, color or style that you want for your inflatable mat. We respect your idea’s and we would like nothing more than to help your rental company grow! We always keep a minimum 10 mechanical rodeo bull riding systems in stock at all time. Ride ‘m cowboy!

Pull-riding, simulators and more

Pull-riding inflatables are fun for all occasions. Together with your friends and family you will have a ridin’ good time. Choose from some amazing themes such as underwater, pirate, motorcycles and animals. Wherever your adrenaline may stear you, you and your friends will have an amazing time! Simulators are a great way to learn or keep your skills in check in the off-season. Have you always wanted to learn how to surf or snowboard? They say practice makes perfect, well here’s your chance! Our surf, soccer and snowboard simulators are now available and are sure to give you the skills you need. You are gauranteed to be rockin’ the spotlight at your next event.