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other inflatable attractions

Other attractions for sale

JB-Inflatables would like to introduce you to our selection of other attractions! This selection of inflatables has it all. Everything from a children’s learning centre to rodeo pull-riding to active games. Furthermore, Other attractions are great for hiring companies, because they offer a little of everything, but with bucket loads of fun. Soft Bungee, Crawl Tunnel, Bumper Balls and Moving wall are just some examples of our active inflatables. Awaken the active lion/lioness in yourself and prey on these fun, active, inflatable games and attractions.

Check out our AquaBlasters!

Affordable, colourful & memorable

In addition, make your hiring company a name that your customers will never forget! Playzone Inflatables and games are great additions to your already amazing collection. It is important to keep investing in your company, stay with the times and have a little fun for yourself in the meantime! Moreover, these affordable, colourful, inflatables and games are sure to please your customers and with an increase in your income your bank account will jump for joy as well.