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Attractions: Obstacle Courses

Inflatable obstacle courses for sale

An inflatable obstacle course is incredibly popular at team-building events, birthday parties, bachelor parties and frat-events. Since late 2010, giant obstacle courses have become increasingly popular for many different types of fitness and boot-camp events such as: the insane inflatable 5k races, mud races, mud runs, the insanity run, dirty girl mud runs and so much more. Below you can find our extravagant range of themed inflatable obstacle courses. Furthermore, we have created many courses in different sizes and shapes. Our inflatable Obstacle Courses can vary from 9 meters to 46.5 meters.

Obstacle Course & Unique Features

In addition, our inflatables are filled with wild, exciting and challenging features. Inflatable boot camp elements such as slides, obstacles, climbing walls, tunnels, moving balls, sweeping ropes, balance walls and other obstacles can also be included. This makes them excellent for use at mud runs and 5k races. Some popular themes for inflatable obstacle courses are farm, jungle, castle, western and sea world theme. Of course we can manufacture inflatables in any given size, shape or theme. This amazing selection ranges from 8m -16m! Contact us to get a full quotation!