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Attractions: Sports and Games

Inflatable games for sale

Our accross-the-board range of inflatable games are an absolute must-have for any hiring business or events company. In conjuction with fun games such as: giant boxing, get him off, belly slides, soccer games, inflatable carnival games, slip & slides, inflatable laser tag domes, sumo suits and other competitive inflatables your hiring company will undoubtedly prosper!

Inflatable Games: Suitable for any event!

Additionally, all of these games are perfect for any party, fundraiser, corporate event and/or family gathering. Inflatable games are extremely popular and widely sought after by inflatable rental companies. We also have clients in the hotel business, FEC’s, campgrounds, children’s parks and municipal governments who enjoy these games. So, get into the swing of things with our “Swing Him Off” inflatable. Or put your Chi to the test with our “Pillow Fight” inflatable. Whatever your wishes are, you will get the most bang for your buck with our inflatable boxing ring.

Our Sport & Games inflatables are perfect for teambuilding and large events. Together with some of our high profile customers we even introduced the inflatable 5K concept in Europe, which consists out of many different inflatable obstacles and games.