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Buying inflatable attractions

Inflatable attractions for sale

JB-Inflatables is Europe’s largest manufacturer of inflatables slides, obstacle courses and other inflatable games. Our products comply with the European Standard, EN14960 and come ready to use, so including all needed accessories. We sell our inflatable attractions primarily all over the UK, Ireland and Scotland. We keep a running stock of 4,000 bouncy castles and attractions, so most of our products are available immediately. Delivery to the UK and Ireland takes just 5 days. Find out what other customers in the UK, Ireland and the USA have to say about their experiences with us on our testimonial page.

Innovative inflatables

Set yourself apart from the competition with our innovative inflatables. To stand out from anybody else, you need to be different than anybody else. If you want to accomplish better results than your competitors, make sure you offer better products. Don’t offer the exact same sort of inflatables, but be creative and offer something different. If our unique warranty policy hasn’t convinced you, then let our original and innovative products and spectacular designs surprise you.

Our more popular attractions include climbing towers, obstacle assault courses, laser tag arena’s and bellyslides. We design and manufacture all of our inflatable attractions ourselves. Don’t see it as just buying an inflatable attraction, but instead make an investment in yourself, in your company and in your brand identity. This will enable you to grow your business and amaze your customers!

High quality, 5 year warranty!

Due to the high quality standard, durable materials and our unique 5 year warranty, our commercial inflatable attractions are extremely sought after by many different companies. These companies include: renting companies, family entertainment centers, hotels, indoor playgrounds, cities, churches and multinationals and they’re not just in Europe, but all over the world!