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Inflatable 5K race to conquer the UK

The latest trend in 5k runs, mud runs, viking runs and strongman runs seems to be the inflatable 5K run. Early 2015 Mr. Alex Winters, the charismatic TV-host of the BBC show CBeebies, came up with the idea to create Europe’s first inflatable 5K run. His partner and driving force behind the venture, Mr. Alan Brown of the Design Division in Liverpool, contacted us last year with the initial plan for what later turned out to be “Gung Ho, seriously fun” a nationwide inflatable 5K event for contesters of all ages.

The biggest difference between the already popular ‘normal’ 5K’s and mud runs is that really anybody can participate in Gung Ho’s inflatable 5K run, no matter what age, size or weight. At Gung Ho it’s all about fun. Opposed to other 5K runs, it’s not about the best time, the quickest laps, or who has the best endurance. Gung Ho’s inflatable 5K is all about participating, having fun and supporting charities. With over 12 huge inflatable obstacles along the 5K track it’s Europe’s first and only inflatable 5K event, with unique inflatable obstacles as Europe’s largest inflatable slide, the world’s largest inflatable moonwalk and the longest inflatable climbing wall ever made, for participants to conquer!

In the summer of 2015 Gung Ho has organized 3 testevents in Liverpool, Newcastle and London, which all turned out to be a big success for the organization, the participants and the charities involved.

The ever enthusiastic Alex Winters hosts the events, he fires up the participants and builds up an unique atmosphere around the starting grounds of every Gung Ho event, as only he can.

We’d like to thank Alan Brown, Paul Brown and Alex Winters for their trust and their cooperation. We are very proud to have been a part of their succes and we are thrilled that we had their inflatable obstacles manufactured before the first Gung Ho event last summer, even though we were under a lot of time pressure. We recommend everybody to take part in one of their great inflatable 5K events next year, since venues across the UK have already been booked and dates have been set for the upcoming 5K season. JB is Gung Ho!

For more information check out the Gung Ho website or follow Gung Ho on Facebook