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Ball shooters

Bouncy castle with integrated ball shooters

Prepare to be blown away by these amazing Ball-Canon Jumpers! These exclusive inflatable moonwalks with integrated ball canons are designed and manufactured exclusive by JB-Inflatables. The ball canons work on the air pressure from the bouncy castle itself, which is a truly unique and 100% child-safe system. There are no moving parts and no electric wiring inside the ball canons nor in the bouncy castle itself. Our integrated ball shooters are patented and they are powered by the (air)pressure of the bouncy castle. (check out the video for more details)

Inflatable Ball Cannons

Our bouncy castles with integrated ball shooters are do not need electric wiring and they are absolutely safe for children to use since there are no moving parts. The integrated ball cannons have enough power to shoot balls up to 20 feet, but there’s not enough impact force to do any damage. This makes our ball cannons safe to use for children.

Never heard of them before, then keep reading! These patented, integrated ball canons are unique, not just in the UK, but throughout the entire world! We have bouncers with cool themes such as: Camelot, Army, Jungle, Western, Pirate, beach and Under the Sea. Shapes and sizes of many kinds, but if you want it bigger or smaller then check out our custom made items or get in contact with us.

These characteristic inflatables really will have a positive effect on your growing business. You are in good hands with JB-Inflatables! These unique and patented ball canons will provide hours and hours of fun for the youngsters using them.