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About Us

Europe’s largest manufacturer of commercial bouncy castles

Learn more about us: JB-Inflatables international started in 2003 with the development, manufacturing and sales of bouncy castles, inflatable games, skydancers and giant inflatables for clients all over the world. We believe it’s important for a bouncy castle manufacturer to focus on innovation, quality and service. Because of this, we currently sell our inflatables in over 36 countries around the world.

To become the largest bouncy castle manufacturer in Europe, we have been investing in creativity and innovation since day one. This results in what currently is the largest stock of bouncy castles for sale in the world!

Furthermore, our main focus has always been to grow along with our clients, to support them by developing new models and new types of inflatables at affordable prices. Every hiring company that buys a bouncy castle from us is making a great investment in their business by purchasing the most innovative bouncy castles in the UK. You can read what other customers have to say about us in our Testimonial section.

Due to continued investments in R&D, service and after-sales, JB-Inflatables now is the undisputed market-leader in the sales of bouncy castles in Europe. Thanks to our vision and guarantee, JB-inflatables is being seen as the most innovative and creative company in the inflatables market. We feel that it is our job as a manufacturer to not only sell innovative and original bouncy castles, but also to bring the businesses of our clients to the next level.

Product range of JB-inflatables

Our unique and large assortment of bouncy castles and inflatables will be extended and improved every year with at least 50 new models. Despite the huge size of our product range, our aim is to have every bouncy castle in stock, ready to ship to our clients, so they can start generating rental income immediately.

Quality and safety

We have been one of the first manufacturers in Europe to comply with the European safety standard for bouncy castles and inflatables: the EN14960, which was updated in 2013. All of our bouncy castles and inflatables are being tested, approved and certified by independent and accredited safety institutions such as TÜV, AIB-Vincotte and RPII testers in the UK.

The use of self-selected, fire resistant, durable (lead-free) PVC Material with a weight of 680 Grams, combined with sophisticated production methods, safeguards a premium quality product never seen before in the UK market.

Our material is as strong as it gets for these type of products and it is color resistant. On vulnerable areas, we use 4 times stitching. The bounce-area however even has 6 times stitching which is fairly unique for a bouncy castle manufacturer to do. We want to make sure that a long lasting worry-free use is guaranteed to all of our clients. Whether they use it in the cold woods of Russia, in an African hot dessert or on the beaches of the Mediterranean sea, our bouncy castles will make your event special! We want all our clients to experience the advantages of buying our innovative and unique bouncy castles.

Showroom of JB-inflatables

JB-Inflatables was the first and only bouncy castle manufacturer to open a showroom for sales of inflatables in 2006. We would like to invite any client to visit our 2400 square meter showroom. We will fill it with bouncy castles for sale in different sizes and shapes. In January 2014 we celebrated the opening of our 3rd showroom. This was due to the incredible positive feedback we have been receiving ever since the opening of our first showroom. Naturally, you can buy bouncy castles here, but there is also room to relax and get yourself informed about our products.

Demonstration of our company and showroom

Here you’ll find a 360 degrees impression of our showroom, logistics-unit and our main warehouse.

Purchase and delivery

Our bouncy castles all come with the necessary accessories such as:

  • 1,1 kW Blower
  • Transporting bag
  • Repair kit
  • Stakes
  • Safety certificate EN 14960 and log
  • 5 year warranty

Warranty of JB-inflatables

We are the only supplier in the inflatables industry that provides a 5 year warranty on bouncy castles. Should there be a warranty issue, we can solve this quickly in our bouncy castle repair department. You will always have the certainty of a perfectly working and safe inflatable! We also have a UK service locations. This way we can quick amd easily handle warranty issues for UK clients who buy a bouncy castle from us.

We challenge any other bouncy castle manufacturer to offer a 5-year warranty for their bouncy castles. This way all buyers of bouncy castles will be better off!

Opening hours of JB-inflatables

JB-Inflatables is opened daily from 8:30h – 17:00h CET.

Making an appointment before dropping by is greatly appreciated. We have clients who travel long distances to visit us and would like to be fair with sharing our time. We want to take all the time needed for every single client while visiting our bouncy castle showroom.

(It’s possible to visit us after regular opening hours as well, but making an appointment would be necessary.)

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