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About the 5 year warranty on bouncy castles

Ever since we first introduced our unique 5-year warranty on bouncy castles a lot
has been said about this. At the time we believed that we shouldn’t just say that we manufacture a supreme quality bouncy castles, but we should back this up by offering a truly unique 5 year warranty, which had never been done before in the inflatables industry.

Common practice in the inflatables industry had been a 12-month warranty, and some bouncy castle manufacturers offered a 24 month warranty.

This bald move of ours, immediately released a storm of criticism and disbelief among the industry especially coming from other manufacturers and sales companies who were afraid to lose their business as result of our move.

Although most companies involved in the manufacturing and sales of bouncy castles tell their clients that they offer the best quality bouncy castles around, their warranty policy does not seem to support that. Otherwise why wouldn’t those who claim to make the best bouncy castles offer their clients a proper warranty of 5 years, in stead of just 12 or 24 months?

The reason that our 5-year warranty policy creates so much discussion is because most manufacturers and sellers of bouncy castles make a lot of money on both repairs and on the replacement market. Most salespeople rather sell a new bouncy castle to their client every year instead of just once every 5 year.

We felt strongly that this way of doing business wasn’t in the best interest of our clients, and therefore it wasn’t in our own long term interest as well.
And even though we run a business that has to make money, we can actually afford to look at our business long term, and see the bigger picture. The more money our clients make, the more they can invest (with us) in the long run.
We have only become to be the biggest bouncy castle manufacturer in Europe, because we always grow alongside our clients, instead of growing at their expense.

We have been threatened, badmouthed and cursed by many companies that sell or manufacture bouncy castles, for educating the rental industry over and over again.

However professional rental companies couldn’t be happier, and they are the real winners of these developments, no matter what any other manufacturer says or claims.
Renters of bouncy castles need to know that their investment in purchasing a bouncy castle guarantees them sorrow less use for many years, not just for the first 12 months.

So yes, you’ve read it right: we offer a 5-year return to base warranty on any bouncy castle, slide or obstacle course, and we have done so for many years now. Sure some reasonable (anti misuse) conditions apply, and since January we even have a UK service point where warranty issues and other repairs can be handled.
This means that there’s no need anymore to send your JB castle back to Holland, where we’re based, should a manufacturing error occur!

Over the last couple of years, more and more companies that buy commercial bouncy castles demand a 5 year warranty from their preferred supplier. We are starting to see signs that the serious bouncy castle manufacturers are starting to give in, at the risk of losing their clients, and making a fool of their selves for not being able to back up their ‘quality claims’.

In the near future rental companies will no longer accept improper warranties of just 12 or 24 months anymore, and some well-known bouncy castle manufacturers will collapse as a result of dropping sales and exploding costs of handling warranty issues.

This fact, combined with some other current developments, will increasingly change the bouncy castle industry not too far in the future.

We are proud to see that other inflatables manufacturers are slowly (and reluctantly) starting to follow our lead, and we’ll remain on top of our game to disrupt the inflatables industry to the advantage of the customer.