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5K run, Mudrun, Vikingrun, Color run focus on inflatables

5K’s, Mud runs, Strongman runs, Viking runs and other military inspired runs and event are hot at the moment! With a strong focus on health, fitness, competition and team building these type events have become common in the last 2 years.

Relatively new are the more ‘mainstream’ events where a larger audience can participate and not just trained contesters and athletes stand a chance of finishing the course. Examples of these mass runs, for everyone to participate, are the hugely popular color run, the electric run and the inflatable 5K. These events have spread over the world on no time and reach millions of people. Sponsors tend to show huge interest in these mass events, since they focus on health, activity, participation, fun, fitness, and charity.

After having manufactured many giant inflatable obstacles for 5K runs, we recently were contacted by the organizer of the Relay Run in the UK. They wanted us to develop a special sort of inflatable obstacle for contesters to climb, crawl and walk through depending on how brave and fit they are.

Together with the event organizer we came up with a huge inflatable double crawl tunnel, which also had the option of walking through, right between the 2 crawl tunnels. Of course this inflatable obstacle was fully branded with the Relay Run logo and it was manufactured in the colors of the relay run, being baby blue and pink.

The Relay Run is a baton style run, where you can run, jog or dance around the course in 4 or 8 laps, as long as you and your team mates are having fun along the way!

We’d like to thank Mr. Keith Williams for his trust and cooperation with developing the Relay Run inflatables and hopefully the Relay Run will become just as big of an international success as the Electric run and the Color Run!