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10 Facts about the interactive playing system you need to know

Back to base with interactive playsystem

Yesterday has been a humbling exerience for me and my crew. So many of you were amazed by our new concept, and we were litterally overwhelmed with all the response, feedback, questions and inquiries. I want to appologize if some me feel that they are not being heard or for those who didn’t get an immediate response. Since we actually launching today at the EAS, please forgive us for not being able to reply to you right away. In order to answer as many questions you may (and should) have, here are 10 facts about our Interactive Playing System for inflatables and softplay:

  1. The price of the interactive playing system will be £ 1,395 excl VAT, € 1.695 excl. VAT or $ 1,895 excl VAT depending on where you’re based and what currency you use. Worldwide delivery is free for all orders if your order NOW. Please don’t be mad of the exange rate between these amounts isn’t a 100% accurate anymore, but they seem to change sometimes, and we had to set a salesprice, so that’s why.
  2. The sensors are incredibly strong and durable, I’ve even drove over them with my car, a 4,500 lbs. SUV. A video of this event can be found on our corporate Facebook page:
  3. You can use the interactive playing system in ANY existing inflatable, so you not obliged to buy a new nice looking green and black unit that you may have seen in the promotional video’s online.
  4. The sensors and the console are wireless and work with touch screen technology, so it needs the touch of the hand or a foot to react, just like your smartphone!
  5. The System comes with 10 sensors, 10 ‘mounts, a charger and a case that also works as a ‘table’ and can be installed next to your inflatables.
  6. The interactive playing system offer 3 different games in which 2 teams can compete against each other.
  7. The system also offers 10 preprogrammed themes, ranging from Cowboy to Princess, which offer great themed tunes, and after randomly hitting the sensors, you’ll hear additional themed sounds.
  8. All sensors have integrated speakers and a battery that will hold for 2-4 days.
  9. You can apply the sensors yourself to any (existing) inflatable, it takes about 5-10 minutes to outfit an inflatable with 10 of these mounts, and even I can do it! We supply all of the stuff needed to so do.
  10. If you want to order please contact our lovely Miranda at, call our UK or US number during office hours, and she’ll take care of you. We do have stock at the moment, but I cannot promise you how long this will last due to the massive interest.